Guest Post: Top Five 80s Fashions You Want to Return by Reese Monroe

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Hey, everyone. Halena Girard here. Reese Monroe finally got around to writing my story in her third and final book in the Bound by Hades trilogy. I give her grief about that all the time, so I was surprised when she asked me to come chat about fashion. So surprised, I nearly laughed her off the phone.

But then I heard the word 80s fashion and continued the call. I love the 80s. Sure, I’m more than 800 years old and reside in France, but I’m obsessed with all things American! Immortality gets boring and lonely sometimes, so I had to find things to entertain myself, so why not American Pop Culture, right?

And the 80s…let’s just say that was one awesome decade—especially some of the fashions.

Okay, so here we go…

legwarmersLEG WARMERS:

Okay, so the dancers started this trend to keep their muscles warm the trend went nuts on the early 80s. One of the reasons is Flashdance.

**Hey, quit looking at her butt, we’re talking leg warmers here!** legwarmers2





rolljeans2ROLLED JEANS:

Okay, remember this one?

This one always cracked me up. I’m really glad to see it coming back. The 2014 version is a little better, though.

And, it makes things easier…jeans too big, no altering needed, just roll!rolljeans







Oh wait, NEVER!!! **runs screaming**






bighairBIG HAIR:

You have to love this. I mean, look at the artistic work involved? It brought us Big Hair Bands.

And, for the short people out there, it gives you a couple inches at least…depends on how creative you get.






This might not classify as fashion to bring back per se…but I have to fight for this. The games now days…way too complex. They give me migraines. Okay, they don’t really, but Atari…it’s a classic. #BringAtariBack atari




Okay, so what about you pop culture fans? What 80s fashions would YOU like to see come back?


Lynn-RushAbout the Author:

Growing up in the land of 10,000 lakes and cold, snowy winters, Reese has been known to weave a little of that cool Minnesota climate into her stories, but these days, she much prefers desert living. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, and when she’s not busy writing her next trilogy, she can be found pounding the pavement, training for her next endurance event.

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    CJ: Leg warmers are endless. LOVE them. I remember when that fad came and went and I see it coming back…like quite a few other things… Better than when the corsets came on the scene way back…well, eons ago! I’m not sure how I lived through THAT period!

  2. bobbi

    NOT parachute pants! with bandanas tied around the legs a la Loverboy. Gold pinky nails (I have two). Ear clips..

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