Cover or Blurb? “Advenae”

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Genres: Sci-fi

GeeksInHS_covervsblurbWelcome to another edition of Cover or Blurb! We’ve created this feature to give creative people a chance to promo their work. What’s different about our poll is there’s no “yuck” button. We want you, our readers, to let these book writers and comic book creators know what DID work for you, based on what you see and read. So settle in and get ready to vote!

Book Title: Advenae
Author: Nick Trevano
Publisher: Five Thousand Realms
Publication Date: June 5, 2014
Genre: Science Fiction


Stepping onto a planet four worlds away from Earth is routine for Colonel Scott Columines. Outerterrestrials who call themselves the Kajla have graciously built an outpost for the arriving humans—yet when the Earth expedition arrives, their hosts are nowhere to be found.


With no clues to follow, the Earth group continues on with their original intent; exploration. Unfortunately, the universe is not a place that can quietly be explored. The Taregot invade and destroy any planet within their reach, seeking to eliminate all organisms they deem inferior—and Columines’s team makes the mistake of bumping into them.

Humanity just went to the top of their list.

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  1. Caro

    The initial eye catcher is the cover art which is basically and advertising piece for your book. Then the blurb tells you the meat and potatoes. If the blurb ain’t interesting, more than likely I will not pick the book. But more than that, I usually read a few pages to get the feel of the writing style. If it doesn’t jive and flow well, then it’s a deal breaker for me.

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