Top 10 Presents for Star Wars Geeks

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Well! It’s here! The Holiday Season. Full of shopping and buying and spending and giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah (or both in my family) or something else, chances are that you are going to need to BUY something for someone. So over the next few weeks I am going to list my top ten gifts for specific fans! This week my spotlight is Star Wars Fans!

You know Star Wars fans right? The fans who love Han Solo. Who spend hours tirelessly building their Millennium Falcon Lego set, only to glue it together so they can stare at it! Those of us who dress up in Jedi outfits for fun and walk around wearing our R2D2 backpacks? Yup! Die hard fans. So what do you get fans like that? Well, here are some ideas to get you started.

10. For the little girl in your life who wants nothing more than to be a jedi, I give you the Ahsoka Hoodie :) Seriously, this is adorable. And on sale!




9. And where the is a little girl, there is always a little boy. Now, let’s be honest, any little boy would want just about Star Wars anything! But, I found this especially cool :) A light saber flashlight! Okay, I want one of these!



8. And for every little kid there is a big kid who needs some Star Wars stuff. You know, the guys who actually remember a Star Wars universe Without Jar Jar!

For them, I give you, The Ice Cube Trays! Now, I would use these for ice, jello, chocolate and just about any other food item I could think to shove in there! i mean, who doesn’t want to eat a Millennium Falcon Brownie? Or watch the Death Star melt in a drink? Oh yeah, there’s also a bunch of other cool ones too!

DeathStar HanSolo Falcon


7. What about the cooks int he family? Don’t worry! We have them covered! Personally I would never use this. He would sit on my nightstand and keep me company.



6. Who doesn’t love gingerbread cookies around the holidays? My daughter was just asking today if we could make some this year. Then I saw these!!!! Totally bought them :) Had to have them!



5. And how about out busy business man? The guy who has to put on a suit and tie but inwardly wants nothing more than to be wearing a Rebel flight suit? here’s the perfect way for him to give a little Star Wars Flair! An 8 gig Thumb Drive!



4. Now! I don’t know any good Star Wars fan who hasn’t wanted an R2 for themselves. So for all you R2 fans out there, now you can have one! (I already have my R2D2 backpack :) An R2D2 Trashcan!!!!



3. Everyone one travels. And when you travel you spend half an hour or more searching through bags to see which of the two hundred black roll on bags are yours. Well, No more! Stand out with the Darkside!


2. So what about Mom? The ultimate Star Wars Fan? Well, I AM a Mom and the Ultimate Star Wars Fan, so I had to think about this a little. What would I really want? There is so much out there! Then I came across the most AMAZING Christmas gift EVER for Star Wars!

StarOrnaments1. After those lawn ornaments I totally thought I was done. That I’d seen it all and there was nothing else I could possibly add to my list. Until I saw it. The New Phenomenon that has me scratching my head and trying to figure out what the heck has happened to our country. Yes, I am talking about, the dread Ugly Christmas Sweater! So here ya go! For those Star Wars fans who just have EVERYTHING else!

DarthSweater TaunTaunSweater

So there ya have it! My top 10 picks for Christmas gifts this year for Star Wars fans! What do you think? Did you find anything cooler for Christmas?



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  1. Alicia Reynolds

    Too much awesomeness going on here! Too much! I especially love the frozen Han Solo/Death Star ice molds, the character cookies and the Christmas lawn characters! And I want a Boba Fett flash drive!

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