Top Ten Sexy Geeky Things!

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Okay so I was thinking of a blog post and it was suggested to me to think of ten things that geeks would think are sexy. I thought that might be a fun post. So I did some digging around and I actually found some things that I think geeks would find sexy. So here we go!

10. Jack Harkness’s Coat – Captain Jack from Torchwood and Dr. Who had a sexy overcoat that he wore in almost every episode. And according to Think When I typed the word “sexy” into the search bar, it came up with his coat. Now I liked Captain Jack as much as the next girl, but I didn’t find him particularly sexy. But for those who do, here ya go! Get yourself a Captain Jack Harkness coat and get to role playing with your spouse. Or a David Tennant Coat and haircut. Yes, the Tenth Doctor was the best.

9. Harley Quinn Underwear – There is nothing sexier than a woman who like a psychotic blond, who’s in love with a serial killer. All kidding aside, I don’t think there’s a geek alive who wouldn’t drool over a girl who knows who any comic book villain even is! And they would have a heart attack if said girl was cool enough to buy a sexy little outfit to wear to bed.

8. Princess Leia – Buns on the sides of her head, feisty attitude, self important. What’s not to love? Oh and of course there’s the chain bikini scene in Jabba’s Palace. I think that was one of the first times it had ever been seen. It was almost scandalous in the 80’s.

7. Women who play RPG’s – I can tell you from experience the glazed look that come over some guys eyes when I start talking about D&D or World of Warcraft or Diablo III or any number of other RPG’s I play. And after that comes the little cartoon hearts in the eyes. I find it hilarious, but geeks really love it.

6. A Man in Real Chain mail – I can tell you from experience that there is little that is sexier than a man in chain mail. Except for maybe a man in a kilt. Kilts are even more sexy. Sigh… But yes, chain mail is sexy. As are swords and men who can wield them.

5. Someone who knows how to fix a computer – This one is universal. Whether it be a girl who can fix a computer or a guy, I think either will send geeks over the edge.

4. Someone who knows what PI is – Peach, strawberry, key lime are not what I mean. And there is a national PI day coming up this month. If you know what it is, you are a total geek’s dream :)

3. A person who knows all the Star Trek TV shows – Some think that the movies are all there are. Others are totally loyal to Captain Kirk. But then there are those that know Captain Picard, Captain Janeway, and Captain Archer.

2. Fans of Only the Original Star Wars Movies – Now I can honestly say that I am holding out hope for the new Star Wars movies, but Episodes I, II, and III are ones that all real geeks pretend do not exist.

1. Browncoat Cosplayers – If you don’t know what Browncoats or Cosplayers are, you are not geek material. However, if you do, you are a geek’s ultimate dream!!

So, what do you find geek sexy? This is what I find sexy!



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  1. The geek girl in me most definitely thinks chain mail and swords are smoking. Kilts and swords too. Pretty much anything with swords will work. :) Fun post, Rebekah!

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