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This Friday I’m here to discuss my current work-in-progress—or WIP as we writers call it. (We call them other things too, but WIP is the most polite… LOL! :D ) I’ve actually got three different books in three different genres all in different stages of development in the works right now and sometimes it’s difficult to keep all the storylines straight.

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One book is a contemporary romance, one is a paranormal romantic suspense with biopunk-ish overtones, and one is the fourth book in my award-winning urban fantasy Seven Seals Series—Seal Of Redemption.

A question I get asked a lot is: How do you keep it all straight?

My Answer: Very Carefully.

With so many diverse characters running around in my head, notes and storyboards and book binders are my saviors. I try to keep one for each book and refer back to them at the times when my brain or caffeine levels refuse to cooperate. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and I don’t pick up on the inconsistencies until I go back through on revision—at which point I find those pesky critters and slay them like little literary bloodsuckers.

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Here’s a snippet from my contemporary romance, Liquidation, to whet your appetite. Enjoy! :D

(Scene Setup: Alex—the hero—was injured while on the job as a criminal investigator for the IRS and is dealing with the after effects, both physical and mental. After his release from rehab, he’s moved to New York and is looking for a place to live. Mindy—the heroine—is a struggling actress in the Big Apple with a ramshackle Chelsea brownstone for rent and one hell of a secret tying her and Alex together. This exchange is from their first encounter.)

“So were you born under an unfortunate star or do you prefer to traipse around the city as a parasite?”

“I’m a germ, thank you very much. And no. I prefer normal clothes.” She followed Alex up the remainder of the stairs, impressed by both his sense of humor and his determination. Mindy faced him on the second-floor landing, her breath puffing. “Like I said. I had an audition.”

“I hope you got the job.” He looked around, not at all out of breath or fatigued, despite his disability. She amended her earlier assessment of his physical fitness from adequate to ripped. Sunlight broke through the clouds outside and silhouetted his form. Beneath his loose fitting shirt, he had a torso that would put most fitness gurus to shame.

He caught her staring and heat stoked higher in her belly.

Time to nix this good. Between her stalled career and the mess her dad had left behind, the last thing she needed was romance.

“Nope. They said I wasn’t ‘viral’ enough.” She added air quotes for drama, then flipped on the lights in the neighboring bedrooms. “Such is a struggling actor’s fate.”

“If it’s any consolation, I think you look plenty contagious.”

That’s all for now folks…

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And Happy Easter!

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Author: Traci Douglass

Award-winning author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance, and Urban Fantasy, including the Seven Seals Series. Her stories feature sizzling alpha-male heroes with a dark sense of humor, quick wits and major attitudes; heroines who are smart, tough, and always give as good as they get; and deliciously evil villains that are, more often than not, bent on world destruction. Favorite plot twists include ancient curses and mythology, modern science and religions and, of course, great dialogue and red-hot chemistry between her main characters. She is an avid animal aficionado, chocoholic, and more than occasional smartass. Represented by Blue Ridge Literary Agency.

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  1. Three simultaneous WIPs?! You’re amazing, Traci! I get so immersed in my present story, there’s just no way I could focus on two, let alone three. And I love the beginning of Liquidation, how Mindy is dressed up as a germ when she meets Alex. So funny!

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    • Thanks CJ! And yeah, my brain is all kinds of crazy right now. In an ideal world, I’d have the luxury of concentrating on just one story at a time, but unfortunately I don’t right now. I do, however, plan out my time and set writing goals for each story, to make sure I stay on track for each. I’d be lost without my calendars and lists. :)

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  2. Okay I gotta know: what was she wearing?! How does one dress as a germ?
    Awesome set-up, Traci. I’m in awe of your juggling abilities…

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    • Thanks Liv! Mindy is a struggling actress and she just finished auditioning for a hand sanitizer commercial. She had to rush out to show the brownstone to Alex, a prospective renter, and didn’t have time to change. :)

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