Six Movies You Should Check Out

You know we love movies here at Geeks In High School. Movie reviews by Marcus is one of out beloved regular features. So, I couldn’t resist taking a look ahead at movies coming up this year. Oh, man. There’s a little for everyone, and every taste. Yes, The Avengers: Age of Ultron should be on this list, but come on. That’s a gimme. Of course every Geek in the solar system will go to see it. I wanted to find a few trailers that you may not have seen.

The only trouble I had while viewing a plethora of movie trailers was finding the best in several genres. I visited my favorite YouTube channel for the latest: MOVIECLIPS (and you really need to subscribe to their awesome page)!

Now, what’s coming in 2015 that Geeks should consider? Keep reading.

Hitman: Agent 47 – Based on a great video game, I’m seeing this opening weekend, y’all.

A Little Chaos – Snape! I mean, Alan Rickman, appears in this movie HE also directed. I’m ordering tickets ASAP.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Charlize Theron is a bad ass. I never would have guessed!

The Last: Naruto the Movie – OMG. OMG. OMG. The end of an epic anime series.

Crimson Peak – Two words: Tom Hiddleston. Yeah. Me too.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – Henry Cavill (Superman fame) stars in this rather interesting take on the old franchise.

What about you? Any of these enough to drag you to the movie theater?

Author: Tricia Skinner

I’m Tri­sh and I write Passionate Dark Fantasy & Science Fiction. I'm comfortable with my Tom Hiddleston obsession, and proud of my far-Empire leanings (Go, Sith! Go, Dark Side!). Chances are if I love a TV show it'll get cancelled. You might find me at comic cons, in a book store, trespassing in a tech boutique, or hovering near a dance floor. Oh, I’m rep­re­sented by Lau­rie McLean, founder of Fuse Lit­er­ary. Visit me at

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