Top Ten Best Things about Wonder Con

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I love Cons! I love them. I could live at them if it wasn’t for the ridiculous priced food! They have too many things to name that I love and two weeks ago in Anaheim was no exception. So here are the top ten things I loved about WonderCon.

10. The Feel – I know it sounds weird but the cons are a living breathing entity. The energy that flows through them is like blood. I’ve never seen anything but acceptance and fun. No hatred or anger, only good happy vibes.

9. The game area – This really should be higher on the list this year. In years past I’ve barely gone to the game area where you can try out games with other people at the con. But this year I had a booth and was unable to walk around much and my kids were with me. The game area was my Best Friend! They spent hours over there playing games together and with other people. It was Awesome!

8. The food trucks – Outside are some of the most fun food trucks I’ve ever seen. From foot long corn dogs and hot dogs named after Norse gods, to monster cookie sandwiches, you can find just about anything out there to eat.

7. The Panels – Now admittedly Wonder Con is much smaller than other cons, but the panels are still fun and informative. I like the more intimate nature of the panels at Wonder Con. You can learn a lot there. From Self Publishing to Cosplay, they have it all.

6. The Comic Books – There are HUGE booths with box after box of comics to look through. Now I have to say, the comic book guys were not as helpful as in years past, but still, they were there with almost every comic book you could imagine. But if any of you know where to get an Uncanny X-men Masterworks Vol. 3 for less than 50.00 please message me!

5. The Costumes – Cosplay have exploded in the last decade and at no place are they more fun than at cons. You can see everything from an albino butcher wearing a baby mask (that was totally terrifying) to the best Wolverine I’ve ever seen and a Loki and David Tennant that made me swoon.

4. The Ringtones – My Ringtone is The Imperial March. My Tweet Tone is R2D2. My text tone is “Hulk Smash!” And apparently those are the ringtones for every other person at the cons as well. I thought my phone rang a million times but nope, it was someone else. That made me smile to be amongst such amazing other people.

3. The Games – There are so many small independent game makers out there who don’t get enough notice. My friend Derak Morell who I shared a booth with. He created a board game called We Are Dead. You are Zombies at a mall and you eat people. Super cool! And the Sibling Troubles Game my kids played when they were in the game are. I love games and so seeing new games really sets me on fire.

2. The Artwork – The talent that surrounds a Con is unparalleled. From Marvel to DC to Dark Horse and everything in between. The independent artists are the life force behind the Cons. Unfortunately, big companies are throwing out C&D’s to every artist at the Cons now. It’s really sad. So this year the Marvel and Star Wars artwork was all but gone from the floor. But my daughter picked up some fun Supernatural artwork and I got a couple beautiful Hobbit prints.

1. The Corsets and Hats – Okay so this happens to be a personal passion of mine. Every time I go to a Con I get a new corset. Good corsets are hard to find and great ones, even more so. If you are going to buy a great leather corset that will last you decades, you have to try it on and be fitted. The only way to do that is to find a master corseteer. And you can find them at Cons. This year I got a new black and white leather corset and it’s AMAZING! There are also some amazing leather hat makers. You can get aviation hats, top hats, fascinators, fezzes and so much more. It rocks!

In 2 weeks I’m headed to Vegas for Wizard Con and in July to SD Comic Con and then Salt Lake Comic Con in September. So tell me, have you been to a Con? What’s your favorite one or favorite thing about them?



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