Top Ten Things at San Diego Comic Con Today!!!

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by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Top Ten Things I’m Looking Forward to at San Diego Comic Con


So this is it. One of the two weeks I plan for all year long! San Diego Comic Con! Halloween is the other one. I have a counter on my website. It counts down the days from the start of the previous Comic Con to the next. Why? Because A) Comic Con is my happy place. B) I have costumes to make!


So what makes Comic Con so amazing? Well, here are the top 10 things I am looking forward to at Comic Con and when I get back, I’ll tell you how they were.

10) Comic Books – Yes, it may sound a bit cliché but honestly there are some comic books that I can’t find anywhere and I am REALLY hoping to find them there. Mostly because I don’t want to pay the prices they are asking on Ebay.


9) Monster High Dolls – Again, this might be childish, but Comic Con has its exclusives. And Monster High Dolls are just one of the lines that have exclusives. I have been very fortunate that the last two years we’ve been able to get the exclusive dolls despite the fact that people swoop in at 6 am and buy 50 sets to resell on Ebay for 200.00 a piece. The Mattel people recognize my girls and have been nice enough to help us. I am hoping it will be that way again this year because the dolls this year are so awesome, everyone in my house wants them. Except my husband who thinks they are silly.


8) Comic Con Bags – Have you ever seen the exclusive bags? What? You haven’t? They are too cool! And they are huge!! Comic Con does about a half dozen different bags each year and some are awesome! Then you can trade with other people and get the bags you want. I am SERIOUSLY hoping they have some Star Wars bags this year!! Last year we got 2 Supernatural bags and people were stalking us for them!


7) New Video Games – So they usually launch a couple new video games at Comic Con and you can demo them while you’re there on the floor. It’s pretty fun to be able to play a game at most people won’t be able to play for another 6 months.


6) The Lego Area – I have a son, who LOVES Legos. So the huge Lego area is a big draw for him. They set up about 5 tables at least twelve feet long and they have thousands of pounds of Legos for kids to play with. It is pretty awesome. Especially since you get to have a place to sit for a bit when your feet feel like they are going to fall off.


5) Being on a Panel – Now this one is pretty scary for me. I’ve been on panels before but never at a Con this big so I’m pretty terrified. I’m on a panel about Alien Civilizations on Thursday at 8:30 Room 8  – (Come see me). I am really excited. I can’t wait to do it. Hopefully I don’t throw up.


4) Panels in General – There are going to be some awesome panels at Comic Con. There always are. But I am really hoping to get in to some of the Cosplay ones this year. I am getting deep and deeper into the Cosplay world so any tips and tricks are really appreciated!

3) Cory Smith – Cory is an artist who’s work I have all over my house. You can’t buy his stuff off the internet, you can only get it at Cons and he only comes out to the west coast for This Con. So I am super excited to see him and what he’s been working on and hopefully pick up a few new pieces


2) Cosplaying – I love cosplaying, especially since I cosplay with my kids. This year we are going as Jedi from Star Wars. We are Barris Offee, Luminara Unduli, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade and a Twi’lek. My husband is actually going to go with us this year as Obi Wan so I’m pretty stoked!


1) STAR WARS!!!! Star Wars is going to be EVERYWHERE this year!! It is going to rock. I’ve loved Star Wars since I was a kid and I can’t WAIT to see what they have in store for Comic Con. I’m hoping a new trailer will be revealed. I’m Hoping it will be awesome!


So I am really excited to be at Comic Con! As you read this, I am there, in the middle of all the fun! Tweet me if you’re at Comic Con too so we can get a photo! @VampWereZombie

Rebekah Ganiere

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