Book review: One Good Thing by Lily Maxton

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Book review: One Good Thing by Lily MaxtonOne Good Thing Published by Bloomsbury Spark on August 18th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Format: eARC
Pages: 200
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Danielle is fresh out of college and should be ready to face the world, but she's terrified of failing, both in her life and in love. Everything feels safe, from her boring starter job to her tiny, depressing apartment-that is, until she meets Evan, the coworker who pokes all of her buttons in all of the right ways. He's cute, sweet, self-assured and has a way of seeing the brave, sarcastic woman underneath her worries. He also has a way of getting her into the most compromising positions … in the most unlikely places.

As their work email heats up, their relationship moves from friends with benefits to more than just benefits. But, like all fledgling couples, they'll have to overcome a few obstacles on their way to their happily ever after, including evil German Shepherds, boomerang ex-boyfriends, scheming coworkers, and company parties gone awry.

Fall head over heels for this standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance, and see how your life can change when you finally find that One Good Thing.

One Good thing was an enjoyable read. From the start of the book I was drawn to Danni and I was eager to know her. What I discovered had me conflicted. At times I loved her kindness and overall charm, and at other times I did not like her and thought her too quick to anger, too defensive, and an overall a pain in the butt. LOL. But that was what drew me to her. Her obvious imperfections made me ache for Danni,  and I was eager to experience growth with her. I immersed myself in her journey and I was not disappointed. Danni was an intriguingly vulnerable character who was well drawn, and I was rooting for her to gain more confidence and bloom. She did and I loved it. I loved how realistic the feel of the entire story was, the sense of uncertainty, and the growth and love waiting to happen. It had me turning the pages until the end.

The romance between her and Evan was so sweet and believable. I liked him, and I enjoyed them together. Evan was very kind and sweet, a great lover and just the kind of man Danni needed to shake her from the life of complacency she was settling in.  I loved that the Epilogue was from his perspective, and the hint of the way he felt about Danni just made me like him even more.

Overall this was a romantic and sweet read. I would recommend.


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