Top Ten Gifts for Whovians

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Welcome once again to my Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!


This week we are talking about the crazy, the wild, wacky, and totally out there, Whovians! Whether you love the First Doctor or the Twelth, you want everything Doctor related! Now, I personally am in love with the Tenth Doctor like about a million other people. David Tennant will always be THE Doctor to me :) My daughter loves Matt Smith and though I liked him, to me he is the crazy little brother with ADHD. And I’ve finally gotten used to Peter as the Doctor. He’s actually pretty funny.

But whomever you love, you will love these gifts!

10. The Tardis is the ultimate symbol of the Doctor Who Universe. Bigger on the inside the Tardis is the best trusty friend of the Doctor.  The only thing I’d like more than the Tardis is seeing more of the Tardis on the show. So for the woman in your life, here is a Tardis jewelry box.



9. So who doesn’t like slippers? They keep your feet warm, they’re fun to wear, they bobble when you walk and the puppy freaks out when you shuffle near him. They are totally worth it! So if you’re going to get some, you should get K-9 Slippers! But from what I’ve seen, everyone is sold out but Ebay. So here they are on Ebay :)



8. Recently my husband has started wearing shirts that need cufflinks. He has never been a jewelry person. No rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces. Not his thing. But cufflinks, those he loves! So when I found these I thought they were great! And not expensive either!

19404-bowties-are-cool-cufflinks 19403-11th-doctor-sonic-screwdriver-cufflinks 19405-tardis-cufflinks


7. Remember when I told you the Tardis rocked? Well I saw this mug and teapot and as someone who LOVES tea I thought they would be the perfect gift for an tea fan. You can even use it to hold your Fishsticks and Custard if you want :)

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.13.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.14.57 PM


6. I am a writer. I love to write. I love to doodle. I love to brainstorm. And thus, I love notebooks! I have a Tardis notebook, Darth Vader, Marvel Super heroes, and several others. Here is a set of Dr. Who Notebooks for the doodlers and writers in your life. And there’s three in the set! Perfect! Why? Because everyone needs more than one! The only thing that would make this gift better is a sonic screwdriver pen! Which I happen to have. And yes, the one I have is the 10th Doctor’s :)


5.Okay so these next two are a bit creepy. But nonetheless they are a Christmas must for the tree. How long could you stare at these before running from the room? Or turning away without thinking twice? But know that the tardis is always there to protect you!

weeping_angel_christmas_topper weeping_angel_string_lights eee7_tardis_string_lights

4. My son LOVES Matt Smith. He is obsessed with Bowties now because of him! So for all your Fez loving, bowtie wearing friends, here’s a set they’ll be more than happy with.



3. Now the best thing to go with Dr. Who is food. Whether it’s fishsticks and custard or bananas, food is important and not just to the Doctors! So here’s a four plate set, some cutlery and some tea towels!

sq_plate_set_grid  dw_sonic_screwdriver_cutlery_settea_towels

2. There are few sounds in this universe that are worse than the Daleks screaming EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! So it is just a sound like that that would make a non-morning person like me jump from bed without hitting snooze! And so can you, with a Dalek Clock. Or you just give it to your teenager when they won’t get up.



1. Nothing makes you feel like The Doctor more than having and using a Sonic Screwdriver. And what is the one thing that people use more than anything in this world nowadays? Besides a phone. A remote of course! And now we can all feel like The Doctor as we sit on our butts and are lazy couch potatoes.



And in keeping with my theme of ugly Christmas sweaters, here is one for Whovians!


Did I miss something? Is there something you’d rather have for Christmas as a Whovian? Let me know what it is!

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  1. What a great list, Rebekah! Totally going to purchase some of those for my husband. Last year, we bought him a Dr. Who scarf and salt and pepper shakers (we may now need those plates, LOL). I’m with you on my favorite doctor–David Tennant all the way! :-)

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