Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

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mockingjay-768x512What you need to know: if you are a diehard fan nothing will stop you from loving the film. If you are a dystopian genre hater, or an excessive nitpicker nothing will make you love the film. For those on the fence, especially about whether to spend hard cash in the theater…this review is for you.

First of all, this film is the conclusion we were waiting for while the studio cashed in with Part 1, or as I like to call it: Where’s Peeta? Laurence’s Katniss did not shine in part one, but then none of the all star supporting cast shone that brightly because the film lost the core of the franchise as a meta commentary about society and freedom and became an exercise in extending scenes as much and as long as possible to fill air time.

Part 2 returns the actors to doing what they do best – acting. And the results are very satisfying. As long as you remember that the finale is not a story of war, it is a story about war. And Katniss will spend a fair amount of time in this movie agonizing about the reality of war as an act of violence against humanity itself.

But like a true hero she will rise to do what must be done, although the film’s climax will expectantly involve Katniss rejecting a kill-or-be-killed morality, watching our heroine wrestle with what “must be done” and doing it in a way she can live with afterwards have always been one of the strengths of the film.

I have to pick an ending nit of a capital city of traps and gladiatorial obstacles over soldiers and bombs, but that is not enough to jar me from the film. If I have one solid critique it is that the ending of the film does not live up to the ending of the last book. The literary Katniss is simply a stronger character who wrestles with the horrors she has experienced, while watching her world develop for the better in a more striking manner than the film can convey visually. And this is simply as aspect of the strength of the written word over impressive visuals.

My take 4 stars: if you’re looking for a movie or are a die hard fan, you cannot go wrong. However for the average movie goer with choices I would let this film go online and see it as part of a marathon of the other movies as this film definitely cannot stand on its own.



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