C.J. Burright


I blame my love for reading and all things Medieval on my dad, who plied me often with fantasy novels ranging from Sir Lloyd Alexander to Piers Anthony. My love for romance, however, lies completely at the feet of my best bud Michelle, who dared to give me a romance novel for my birthday. I smiled, politely said thank you, and tossed it in the corner, where it gathered dust. In a moment of desperation, when only the revolting romance remained in my almost-always toppling stack of awaiting books, I sucked it up and read the romance. Doomed. I started writing fantasy and paranormal romance for the cathartic experience, decided I really, really liked it, and after two overlong, horribly written novels joined RWA and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter. Best classes and critique groups ever. Double doomed. Now, writing is a necessity, not just a hobby.

In my spare time when I’m not writing or reading or working at my day job (need a lawyer? Call me), I might be found rooting on the Mariners (who will some day win the World Series), working out (P90X, anyone?), gardening (a little dirt never hurt anyone), in the dojang (4th Dan Black Belt, baby), or playing Music of the Night on the piano (without mask or cape). I live in Oregon with my fabulous husband and daughter. Not to mention my minions, a herd of cats.

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