Marcus Smith

Everyone’s life is a story that can be told from many angles. This is one facet of mine.

When I was very young, my mother let me stay up with her late into the night. I would sit in our study, curled up in her poncho, surrounded by old leather books, and sip mate tea out of my great grandfather’s etched gourd. She told stories of the wars our family had fought, and of kings and knights and countries long gone.

She taught me the power of stories on those long late nights.

One day my neighbor taught me to love fantasy when she gave me a book. L’Engle, Anthony, Cherryh, Tolkein, McCaffrey and so many more followed. With them I flew on dragons, carried baleful magic to far off lands, fought supernatural powers, and lived the melancholy of eternal elves.  

Then I grew up, or at least I pretended to, built a career, married the most amazing woman and started raising three more, all with a plan I hardly admitted to myself. Because who really thinks they can make it as a writer anyway?

But when the hard worked for day came, I resigned. Retired. Consultant, Director, and IT gun for hire no more. Now I write full time, working as hard as I can to breathe life into the stories I have been given to tell. And I will keep telling stories until I become a story myself.

And yes, my secret is out, I am and have always been—a geek.

My first book, Serena’s Fall is currently under contract negotiations, with more to follow.

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